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Drag & Drop Multiple File Uploads - Contact Form 7

Drag & Drop Multiple
File Upload Cf7

Drag and Drop Uploader a simple WordPress plugin extension for Contact Form 7, this will allow you to Upload multiple files using “Drag & Drop” or “Browse Multiple” in a uploading area of your form.


Image Preview

With this feature, it will help your customer to identify which file was uploaded and which are not.
Once this option enabled it will show a thumbnail after uploading an image

Layout: Default, Column

Image Preview
Image Preview New
Automatic File Deletion

Auto Delete Files

To "save more space" or if you prefer not to store files, enabling this option will automatically delete files based on your selected time settings.

Zip Files

This option allows you to manage your storage space by compressing or zipping all your files, reducing their size and freeing up valuable storage capacity.

Zip Files
Organize Folder

Organize by Folder

This feature generates unique random folder names for each upload

Change Upload Directory

You also have an option to save ( Files / Attachment ) to a different directory.

(CF7 - Fields, Random, Generated, By User,
Custom Folder, Dynamic Folder

Upload Directory
Wordpress Media Library

Save Files To Media Library

If you will enable this option, all the files or attachment will be added to your Wordpress Media Library.

Parallel Uploads

You have an option to set how many file uploads to process at the same time. This has also helped to reduce resource usage on the server like
( memory usage, multiple server request )

Sequential / Parallel Uploads
Drag & Drop File Upload - Chunks Upload

Chunks Upload

It can upload unlimited file size, regardless of server restrictions. Chunks also provides a fast and reliable way to upload large files by chunking them into a sequence of parts.

Max Total Size

Set a maximum total file size limit for all uploaded files; if the size exceeds this limit, an error will be displayed.

Drag & Drop Upload - Max Total Size
Drag & Drop File Upload - Filename Amend

Filename Amend

You have the ability to Modify or Change Filename pattern before uploading a file.

Available Tags : Filename, CF7 Fields, Username, User ID, IP Address, Random, Date, Time, Post ID, Slug

Optimize Image

A new features that will automatically optimize your image files
and reduce size up to 15-20% without losing quality.

Note: This feature is only available in the Local Storage setup or the Standard Version and is not applicable to the
remote storage option.

Resize Image

Resize Image

Auto resize image (ie: 800x800) using Wordpress default image manipulation function (WP_Image_Editor).

Note: There's no editor in the front-end, only the script will automatically resize based on width & height specified in the admin.


Choose your theme from "Dark" to "Light", simple way to adapt the visual style to your preferences at any time.

Note: To change the theme, navigate to "Contact -> Drag & Drop Upload -> Other Features" and locate the Theme settings

Image Optimization
Form Entries
Form Entry Settings
Form Entry View

Form Entries

You can view your form entries with our user-friendly admin interface, where data is saved for your convenience. Stay organized and access your submissions whenever you need them.

Note: To enable this setting, navigate to "Contact -> Drag & Drop Upload -> Pro Features" then locate Form Entries and select Yes.

Remote Storage

You now have the option to store your files in remote storage services.

(e.g. OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, FTP)

This feature is only included on the remote integration plan for the price of $44.99. (see prices below)

Purchase Now
OneDrive - Remote Storage
FTP - Remote Storage
Dropbox - Remote Storage
Google Drive - Remote Storage
Amazon s3 - Remote Storage

Pro Features

Current Version: Standard 1.0.3, Remote 1.0.4| Changelog

In the premium features, you'll discover many important and useful options.

Only for (One Year)
  • Image Preview (For Images)
  • Schedule - Auto Delete Files
  • Save Files To Media Library
  • Change WordPress Upload Directory (Base Path)
  • Change Upload Folder
    • * Contact Form 7 - Fields
    • * Generated Name (Timestamp)
    • * Random Folder
    • * By User ( required login )
    • * Custom Folder
    • * Dynamic Folder NEW
  • Parallel / Sequential Uploads NEW
  • Upload Larger Files (Chunks Upload) NEW
  • Choose Light or Dark Theme
  • Save Form Entries in the Admin
  • Set Max Total Size NEW
  • Filename Amend NEW
  • Image Optimization NEW
  • Auto Resize/Crop Image NEW
  • Color Options (Filesize, ProgressBar, Filename etc) NEW
  • Disable Button to Prevent Duplicate Submission NEW
  • Email Attachment as Links or Zip Files
  • Zip Files
  • Improved Security
  • Optimized Code and Performance
  • 1 Year Premium Support
  • Lifetime Updates


  • Store Files Locally
  • Remote File Storage
  • Upload Large Files
  • Custom Folder
  • Custom Filename
  • Zip Files
  • Parallel Uploads
  • Image Preview
  • Save Files To Media Library
  • Resize Images
  • Form Admin Entries
  • Auto Delete Files
  • Premium Support
1 Year
30% off on renewal.
Lifetime Purchase


Everything on Standard, and:

  • Remote File Storage
  • Remote Storage Integrations:
    • OneDrive
    • Google Drive
    • Amazon S3
    • Dropbox
    • FTP
  • Bulk Deletion
  • Optimized Code
1 Year
30% off on renewal.
Lifetime Purchase
100% money-back guarantee on all paid plans for 30 days.

Note : Before making a purchase, please try or test using a Free Version to ensure that everything is working correctly.

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Why I've added a license?

I enjoy working on the free version and have other free plugins on I've created a Pro version to offers some advanced features.

I work hard to continually add new features, implement security updates, and provide customer support.

Adding a license, ensuring that the project's development remains sustainable, allowing me to continue it's growth and improvement.

What is the benefits of valid license?

Software development need a maintenance and needs to always check like wordpress compatibility, plugins compatibility including contact form 7.

1. Continuos support and security updates.

2. You can access regular updates and new features released during the license period, ensuring your plugin remains up-to-date and working.

3. Priority support for prompt assistance: Licensed users typically receive priority support, allowing you to get quick assistance and resolve any issues efficiently.

What's the difference between 1 Year & Lifetime Purchase?

1-Year License - Access our Pro version for 1 year, including new features, security updates, and priority support. Renewal needed annually after the license expires.

Lifetime Purchase - Access our Pro version forever with a single payment. Get all premium features, lifetime updates, and priority support without any recurring fees.

What does the license include?

30-day money back guarantee!

Your license key

Unlimited Support

Unlimited Updates

Advanced Features

What if I don't want to renew my license?

1 Year License

When your license expires, you can still use the plugin, but won't receive any more updates including security updates, new features or support.

Lifetime License

Lifetime licenses include lifetime updates and support.

How to request a refund?

If you're unsatisfied within 30 days of using our plugin, you can request a refund via email [email protected].

Please provide an order number or a screenshot of the receipt.

Does the plugin update automatically?

Yes, with a valid license, you can update the plugin via the WordPress dashboard, just like the free version.

How to download the plugin file?

Once the purchase is successful, you will receive a confirmation email containing a link to download the plugin zip file and a license key.

You can also download the file manually through our website Simply log in using your credentials.

Does the plugin update regulary?

Yes, once an issue or bug is reported, I quickly address it and release a fix or solution within the day.

Is the plugin secure?

Yes, it's regularly checked by and Wordfence team. If they find a security issue, they'll email me directly, and I'll address the issue ASAP.

Plugin User Guide

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