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Drag & Drop Multiple File Uploads - Contact Form 7

Drag & Drop Multiple
File Upload Cf7

Drag and Drop Uploader a simple WordPress plugin extension for Contact Form 7, this will allow you to Upload multiple files using “Drag & Drop” or “Browse Multiple” in a uploading area of your form.


Image Preview

With this feature, it will help your customer to identify which file was uploaded and which are not.
Once this option enabled it will show a thumbnail after uploading an image

Layout: Default, Column

Image Preview
Image Preview New
Automatic File Deletion

Auto Delete Files

To "save more space" from your server or if you don't want to store files, enable this option (hours, days) and files will be automatically deleted based on selected (time) options.

Zip Files

This options will (compress or zip)
all your files to save storage space.

Zip Files
Organize Folder

Organize by Folder

There's features that will generate unique random folder names for each upload.

Change Upload Directory

You also have an option to save ( Files / Attachment ) to a different directory.

(CF7 - Fields, Random, Generated, By User,
Custom Folder, Dynamic Folder

Upload Directory
Wordpress Media Library

Save Files To Media Library

If you will enable this option, all the files or attachment will be added to your Wordpress Media Library.

Parallel Uploads

You have an option to set how many file uploads to process at the same time. This has also helped to reduce resource usage on the server like
( memory usage, multiple server request )

Sequential / Parallel Uploads
Drag & Drop File Upload - Chunks Upload

Chunks Upload

It can upload unlimited file size, regardless of server restrictions. Chunks also provides a fast and reliable way to upload large files by chunking them into a sequence of parts.

Max Total Size

Set max Total File Size limit of all uploaded files, if size exceeds the limit it will display an error.

Drag & Drop Upload - Max Total Size
Drag & Drop File Upload - Filename Amend

Filename Amend

You have the ability to Modify or Change Filename pattern before uploading a file.

Available Tags : Filename, CF7 Fields, Username, User ID, IP Address, Random, Date, Time, Post ID, Slug

Optimize Image

A new features that will automatically optimize your image files
and reduce size up to 15-20% without losing quality.

Resize Image

Resize Image

Auto resize image (ie: 800x800) using Wordpress default image manipulation function (WP_Image_Editor).

Note: There's no editor in the front-end, only the script will automatically resize based on width & height specified in the admin.

Remote Storage

You have an option now to store your files in a remote storage services.

(e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, FTP)

This feature is only included on the remote integration option for the price of $39.99. (see prices below)

Resize Image

Plugin User Guide

Download Here

Pro Features

Current Version: 2.11.4 | Changelog

On premium features there are multiple and important options to use.

29.99 Only (One time payment)
  • Image Preview (For Images)
  • Schedule - Auto Delete Files
  • Save Files To Media Library
  • Change WordPress Upload Directory (Base Path)
  • Change Upload Folder
    • * Contact Form 7 - Fields
    • * Generated Name (Timestamp)
    • * Random Folder
    • * By User ( required login )
    • * Custom Folder
    • * Dynamic Folder
  • Parallel / Sequential Uploads
  • Chunks Upload (Unlimited File Size)
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Set Max Total Size
  • Filename Amend
  • Image Optimization
  • Auto Resize/Crop Image
  • Color Options (Filesize, ProgressBar, Filename etc)
  • Disable Button to Prevent Duplicate Submission
  • Email Attachment as Links or Zip Files
  • Ajax Uploader
  • Zip Files
  • Improved Security
  • Optimized Code and Performance
  • 1 Month Premium Support
  • Lifetime Updates

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Note : Before making a purchase, please try or test using a Free Version and make sure everything is working correctly.