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Drag & Drop Multiple File Upload for WPForms

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Drag & Drop Multiple File Uploads - Contact Form 7

Drag & Drop Multiple
File Upload WPForms

Drag and Drop Uploader a simple WordPress plugin extension for WPForms, this will allow you to Upload multiple files using “Drag & Drop” or “Browse Multiple” in uploading area of your form.

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Image Preview

With this feature it will help your customer to identify which file was uploaded and which are not.
Once this option enabled it will show a thumbnail after uploading an image

Image Preview
Automatic File Deletion

Auto Delete Files

To "save more space" from your server or if you don't want to store files, enable this option (hours, days) and files will be automatically deleted based on selected (time) options.

Zip Files

This options will (compress or zip)
all your files to save storage space.

Zip Files
Organize Folder

Organize by Folder

There's features that will generate unique random folder name for each upload.

Change Upload Directory

You also have an options to save ( Files / Attachment ) to a different directory (Random, Generated, By User
OR Custom Folder

Upload Directory
Wordpress Media Library

Save Files To Media Library

If you will enable this option all the files or attachment will be added to your Wordpress Media Library.

Plugin User Guide

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Premium Features

Transform your WPForms simple File Upload into Drag & Drop File Upload.

29.99 Only (One time payment)
  • Image Preview
  • Auto Delete Files - After Submission
  • Save Files To Media Library
  • Change Upload Directory
    • - Generated Name (Timestamp)
    • - Random Folder
    • - By User ( required login )
    • - Custom Folder
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Ajax Uploader
  • Zip Files
  • Email Attachment as Links or Zip Files
  • Improved Security
  • Optimized Code and Performance
  • 1 Month Premium Support
  • Lifetime Updates
  • 99 Sales

Note : This plugin is an extension of WPForms, wpforms plugin is required and must be installed.